Wire Display Equipment

Offer Bin 3 Layer

Offer Bin 3 Layer

Offer Bin 3 Layer

Specifications :

 Product Code OB3L
 Size : H x D x L (mm) 1310 x 590 x 1220
 Colour White / Black


TTF Offer Bin 3 Layer
TTF Offer Bin 3 Layer provides a solution for products displayed at retail stores. Those light objects such as CDs, DVDs, books, and stationery can be displayed on the single-layer bin as a channel for users to communicate and sell the products to the consumers. In a nutshell, it means allowing end consumers to have a clear 'glance' at the displayed products.
This Offer Bin 3 Layer benefits users in better segregation and categorization of the displayed products on the bin. Hence, it allows end consumers to identify the displayed products on the bins and eventually, better display of products possibly improving the profitability of the users
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