KOMADA Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Powered Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Powered Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Powered Hand Pallet Truck 

KOMADA FF15-E brings maximum flexibility in configurations for every application. The standard single 24V/20Ah battery setting comes with a portable storage container to keep everything easily accessible on the go. Its versatilty makes FF15-E an all rounder, perfect for diverse tasks in the most cost effective way. 

Specifications : 

Product Code FF15-E
Drive Type Electric 
Operation Type  Pedestrian
Rated capacity (Q) kg  1500
Load centre distance (c) mm 600
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork (x) mm 950
Wheel Based (y)  mm 1180
Service Weight
Service weight (include battery) kg 120
Axle loading, laden front / rear  kg 480 / 1140 
Axle loading, unladen front / rear  kg 90 / 30
Tyres Chassis
Tyre type Polyurethane
Tyre size, front mm  210 x 70 
Tyre size, rear mm  80 x 60 
Additional wheel (castor wheels)  mm  74 x 30
Wheels, number front / rear (x=drive wheels)  mm

 1x , -/4

Tread width, front (b10)  mm -
Tread width, rear (b11)  mm

410 (535)


Fork dimension  mm 1150 x 685 
Fork lowered height  mm 80
Drive Cover off the ground mm 55
Lift Height (h3)  mm 105
Height of tiller handle in drive position min./max mm 750 /1190
Lowered height (h13) mm 88
Overall length (l1) mm 1550
Length to face of forks (l2) mm 400
Overall width (b1/b2) mm 590 (695)
Fork dimensions (s/ e/ l) mm

55 / 150 / 1150

Distance between fork arms (b5) mm 560 (685)
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase (m2) mm 25
Aisle width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways (Ast) mm 2160
Aisle width for pallets 800 x 1200 lengthways (Ast) mm 2025
Turning radius (Wa) mm 1360
Performance Data
Travel speed, laden / unladen km/h  4/4.5
Lifting speed, laden / unladen  m/s  0.017 / 0.020
Lowering speed, laden / unladen  m/s 0.058 / 0.046 
Max. gradeability, laden/ unladen  %  6/16
Service brake Electromagnetic 
Drive motor rating S2 60 min kW 0.75
Lift motor rating at S3 15% kW 0.5
Battery voltage/nominal capcity  V/Ah 24 / 20
Battery weight kg 5
Energy consumption according to DIN EN 16796 kWh/h  0.18
Turnover output according to VDI 2198  t/h 60
Turnover efficiency according to VDI 2198 t/kWh 333.33
Addition Data
Type of drive control  DC
Steering design  Mechanical
Sound pressure level at the driver's ear dB (A)  74
Load Wheel Material  PU
Drive Wheel Material PU 
Battery Capacity  20 Ah x 1 , portable storage box 
Battery Indicator  Without time 

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