Shuter Man Aluminium Ladder

Shuter Man Aluminium Warehouse Step Ladder

Shuter Man Aluminium Warehouse Step Ladder

SHUTTER MAN Aluminium Warehouse Step Ladder 

Specifications :

Product Code HWS06 HWS08 HWS10
Steps 6 8 10
H1  mm 1480 1988 2496
H2  mm 743
H3 mm 2223 2731 3239
W mm 524
L mm 937 1089 1220


SHUTER MAN Aluminium Warehouse Step Ladder

- Available in 6 to 14 Steps.
- Design for warehouse & factory with goods storage rack.
- Large platform 20" x 20" provide comfortable working area.
- Rear rolling wheel proivide higher mobility.

SHUTER MAN Aluminium Warehouse Step Ladder designed ideally for factory or warehouse heavy duty application where extra working platform are there to allow easier and safer way of working within the factory or warehouse.


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